Welcome to Kel Technologies

Who we are

KEL TECHNOLOGIES began operations as a computer and Desktop Publishing
enterprise in 1996 under the name of KEL BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES.
The Company was incorporated in May, 2001 with a new mandate to engage in the
business of providing Identification/Card Solutions and Digital Printing Services.
Kel Technologies is a Digital printing and Identification Solutions company that
provides a variety of home grown but World-Class General Printing &
Card/Identification Services. This, we are accomplishing by drawing from a rich pool
of highly dedicated and motivated Professionals with experience and expertise
gained from within and outside the shores of Nigeria.
Our goal is to be the industry’s reference for efficiency, professionalism and service
delivery within Africa and to rank amongst the best globally.

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PH. Phone: +234-807-457 9800, Yenegoa Phone: +234-807-457 9844, Onitsha Phone: +234-807-457 8874, Lagos Phone: +234-807-457 9019
345 Rodeo Drive San Jose, CA 95111, USA